BREAKING NEWS: CSVP Journalism Club, Winning Reporting by a Winning Team

So much had been said about the awesome CSVP Journalism Club, that our expectations were sky high… and boy did this club surpass those already high expectations! We don’t have enough words to express what an incredible group of students this is… but we will try our best to do them justice! 

This crew stood out for its professionalism and its organization. It was incredibly evident that they had done their homework, studied the event and its structure beforehand, and analyzed what would be necessary to ensure a comprehensive and newsworthy reporting. The reporter, Gabriela, was incredibly eloquent, and well prepared, with predetermined questions for the teams, event staff, and volunteers. 

The transmission table staff, José, Giovanni, and Eieri, were not only well trained in managing multiple media sources and balancing event scripts with audiovisual and video footage, but they were also respectful, efficient and clear in the way they spoke and interacted with their team to ensure that they had the best coverage of every moment of action. 

Andrea, Berenice, Vangelis, Claudia, and Niarah, the camera and photography crew throughout the event, showed extraordinary initiative and artistic vision. With little scripting, they knew how to navigate the different areas of the venue to get the best shots of the teams in action. 

This team not only embodied the true spirit of investigative reporting but were also an excellent example of the FIRST Core Values is action. They are a wonderful example of the talent of our island’s youth and we can’t wait to have them back again next year!

Did you miss CSVP Journalism Club’s coverage of our Championship event? Don’t worry! You can catch the recording of the live stream here!

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