HydrUBot of Upward Bound Program Ponce

By Christian Ostorga

As one of the most enthusiastic teams on the roster, this band of programmers has shown an impressive improvement since their successful rookie season in 2018.

After winning both the Mechanical Design Award and the 2018 Galletas Bimbo Team Spirit Award in their first ever FIRST LEGO League PR Championship, Hydrubot entered the 2019 season with a very apparent mission: to put the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Puerto Rico – Upward Bound Program on the map.

Led by coaches Hector Colón, a 4-year STEM instructor, and Axel Bonilla, a 3-year Science tutor, the group of 9th-grade students has quickly blossomed.

“The thing that I like most about FIRST LEGO League is the attention they give to the coaches and students. The desire for the children to have fun and learn within the competition. Even more, the opportunity to meet and share with other teachers who fight for our children’s education,” says Hector.

Despite both coaches being in their second season, their crew members are entirely new.

Emanuel Torres, who represented the team a year ago and volunteered at the Mock Tournament, added, “This team is different. They really worry about their performance. They’ll spend hours trying to fix a problem just to get their robot to do one thing.”

This season, HydrUBot hosted our 2-day Mock Tournament at the Pontificia Universidad Católica, providing a full staff of volunteers, many of whom were FLL alumni.

HydrUBot will also graciously live stream the Championship for all to see on February 2, 2019.

Be sure to tune in and cheer on this team at the Puerto Rico Convention Center this Saturday.