Master Builders of Borinquen Bilingual School and Development Center

By Christian Ostorga

Don’t let the cuteness fool you! The Master Builders are not to be messed with.

The two-time FIRST LEGO League PR Champions (2015 & 2018) are back! This time with a brand new squad.

Fresh from representing Puerto Rico at the World Festival in Houston less than a year ago, as well as a few years prior, the team from Borinquen Bilingual School and Sport Development Center in Aguadilla is set to make their Championship return with an entirely different cast.

“They are the new generation,” says 5-year coach Jeanette Torres, a counselor, whose son Ricky played an integral part in the success of the original team and now serves as a mentor.

“This new generation of the Master Builders is a team that complements each other very well. It’s the first group that, despite the many hours of practice and the tedious repetition of rehearsals, has never said no. They know how to handle pressure.”

In addition to representing Puerto Rico twice, Jeanette and company have also won the Program Award (2016) and Judge’s Award (2018, Houston World Festival).

Recently, she helped coordinate a private event held by the Society of Astronomy where many of our fellow FIRST LEGO League teams attended, such as the Knight Owls of Mayagüez, Múcaro Squad of Aguadilla and Robogen of Isabela.

When asked about her favorite season, she replied:

“All of the seasons are different and have their charm! But the first one was memorable. It was our first year and we won the overall prize. The children were on the news. They were recognized by the House of Representatives and had offers from lawyers to help them with the patent of their project.”

It’s achievements like this one that make us proud of the work that we’re accomplishing at FIRST LEGO League Puerto Rico.

The torch has since been passed and we’re curious to see where the new generation of Master Builders takes it.

Be sure to support them this Saturday, February 2 at the Puerto Rico Convention Center.