Ramey Robotics Club “Unicons” on FIRST Lego League Challenge

San Juan, PR – Ramey School’s Robotics Club UNICONS participated at the First Lego League in Puerto Rico Convention Center on Saturday, February 2nd, 2019.

The team, composed by Caleb Hess, Justin Hess, Kevin González, Keishally Santiago and Jeimy Santiago worked very hard to achieve a great performance on their third round finalizing three missions in a row. The tournament had three different categories such as The Research Project, Core Values, and the Robot Missions. “Unicons” were very focused, with great teamwork and commitment during the event. Team Parents were very supportive during the activity; “it was a great experience to participate in such an important Robotics event” said Mr. Colón the Robotics Club Coach.

Robotics Club is open for Middle and High School students that want to explore the fascinating world of building and programming Robots, but also learn teamwork and core values during the process.

Unicons will get strong for upcoming tournaments and next year’s First Lego League Competition!