3 … 2 … 1…. Thank you CARGO CONNECT Refs!

Do you know the referees who accompanied us during the 9th FLL Challenge Puerto Rico Championship?
On April 9, 2022, from the Juan Aubin Cruz Abreu “Bincito” Coliseum we had one Head Referee  and 5 field referees patrolling the Competition Tables. These referees were tasked with observing each team’s robot game matches, identifying rule infractions, assessing the field for match scoring, and participating in official scoring deliberations. They required advanced training and intimate knowledge of the current rules of the Robot Game. They played a critical role in ensuring a smooth flow of matches and keeping the flow of the event going. They embodied the core values of FLL while monitoring and promoting Gracious Professionalism and Coopertition on and around the playing field.
Let’s give a huge thank you to: 

Roberto Gorbea, President of the Board of Directors of Eureka, Director of Events and FLL Challenge Head Referee of 9 years,

Pablo Morales, FLL Challenge referee of 8 years,

Richard Ramos, FLL Challenge referee of 2 años,

 Johann M. Sasso, FLL Challenge veteran judge of 8 años and first year referee,

 Alma Bertoni, FLL Challenge veteran coach of 8 years and first year referee, 

and Javier O’Malley, FLL Challenge alumnus and First year referee. 

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