Team Puerto Rico 2019??

Team Puerto Rico chose the team name Manticore, because much like that mythical creature, sometimes depicted as part lion, part dragon and part human, their team is made up of different, seemingly incongruous parts to make a whole. Team Puerto Rico is a mix of students from 4 different schools from the San Juan metro area. Although they are all new to REV robotics, they are all veterans from FIRST LEGO® League and most have represented Puerto Rico at World Festival or other international opens. Even though they come from different schools, their love of FIRST, STEM and robotics has helped them to immediately bond and come together as a team for the 2019 FIRST Global Challenge. They are very excited to represent Puerto Rico in Dubai and promote FIRST and STEM throughout Puerto Rico and abroad.

Stephen Campbell is a Senior at Colegio San Ignacio. He became involved with robotics at an early age, participating in various summer camps where he was introduced to LEGO Mindstorms. He then participated in FLL for three years, FRC for one year and VEX for one year as well. Together with James, Stephen helped start the first FLL team at Colegio San Ignacio and proudly represented Puerto Rico at the Razorback International Open in Arkansas in 2016. Additionally, he is a member of his school’s Math and Science competition teams and has participated in Puerto Rico’s Math Olympiads. He is also a member of the San Juan Children’s Choir and has represented Puerto Rico with the Choir in international events. In the future, he aspires to work in the field of computer science. He has been selected as Team Captain for the FIRST Global Challenge Team Puerto Rico.

James O’Malley is also a Senior at Colegio San Ignacio. He joined his first FIRST LEGO® League team in 2013 when he was in sixth grade and fell in love with the program immediately. Later, James brought the FLL program to his middle/high school as a new club and has served his community ever since. The main aspect he loves about FIRST is the way it expertly introduces children to robotics, engineering, and teamwork without taking away the fun, which is why he recommends it to everyone. He has represented Puerto Rico together with his FLL teams at the LEGO Land International Open in California and the Razorback Invitational Open in Arkansas in 2014 and 2016, respectively. He is also a member of the San Juan Children’s Choir and has represented Puerto Rico, together with Stephen, in international choir events. He seeks to combine his interest in technology and music by composing music for digital games in the future. He was selected as the Team Spokesperson for the FIRST Global Challenge Team Puerto Rico.

Nicholas Gorbea is a Junior at Cupeyville School. He participated in FIRST LEGO® League for five years, with his teams finishing in 2nd place at the Puerto Rico Championship twice and as Champions during the Animal Allies season in 2016-17. As champions, Nicholas and his team represented Puerto Rico at the World Festival in Houston and were also nominated for the Global Innovation Award for the Animal Allies and HydroDynamics seasons. Nicholas has remained involved in FIRST for the past two years, serving as a volunteer mentor for other FLL teams and hopes to participate in FTC this year. He also enjoys playing the piano, Puerto Rican cuatro guitar, and playing tennis. He is very interested in programming and Math, competing at the Puerto Rico Math Olympics for the past two years and being selected as an alternate for one of the Puerto Rico Math International teams last year. He hopes to study Computer Science and Math in the future.

Gian Villarini is a Freshman at Commonwealth School. He participated in FIRST LEGO® League for three years with the Tech Dragons Community Team, together with Nicholas. He was a member of the team that represented Puerto Rico at the World Festival in Houston for the Animal Allies season. After the Tech Dragons disbanded, Gian remained involved in FLL, serving as a volunteer at several FLL events and championships. He looks forward to participate this year in the inaugural season of the FIRST Tech Challenge in Puerto Rico. He is also a part of his school’s Math Team and actively competes in Math competitions. He loves technology and to watch and make/edit films. He seeks to study Computer Engineering in the future.

Victoria Rivera Quadreny is an eighth grader in Academia Maria Reina. Vicky has been around FLL from a young age and attended, as an observer, the 2014 & 2016 North America FLL Competition held at LEGO Land in San Diego, California. As soon as she became of age and already knowing all the rules, she participated in FIRST LEGO® League in 2016-2017 with the ASI Techno Cubs during the Animal Allies season. In her spare time she loves to dance and has learned more than eight different types of dances in her classes. She has shown great interest in an Architecture career and sometimes dabbles with the idea of becoming a Lawyer.